City Girl Country Girl

Susan Sheldon's Photograph of A Pacific Northwest Equestrian Property

I’m so thrilled to share this news with you. My Ted will be going off leash! No more Ted city walk! Or …please walk like a little gentleman! I’ ll confess to everyone here. I have no idea what I’m doing!

My Hunter Boots have real mud on them! Ted rolled in horse poop! I bought a farm!

Well, is it a farm? No animals to see or hear. But there’s five acres in the Pacific Northwest. A horse ranch? Three stalls in the stables. An equestrian estate sounds way too posh!! What would you call it?

It’s a huge change for me!  I’ve only been in the country twice. Once in Provence amongst fabulous wineries and then once in Mexico on a bird ranch. Not the greatest qualifications for this City Girl to survive where people drive real tractors not just Chelsea Tractors!

I hope to keep you posted and ask for loads of help! Because out here Starbucks is a  15 minute drive! I can’t walk to it. ( Well,  actually I can. According to Google it will only take me three hours!)

My first task is a name. I’ve been calling it Hope Farm, but that sounds like a rehabilitation centre! So I ll be asking for ideas!! Please!!  Help me name this farm!  Here’s the view to the bottom meadow and the woods.

Susan Sheldon's Photograph of a Meadow


Ted is over the moon. He can’t believe he can actually roll about in deer droppings. Grass!! In the meanwhile, here’s  a shot of Ted leaving the stables! Where’s the horses? Where’s my ball?

Susan Sheldon's photograph of Ted The wire Fox Terrier leaving the stables


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Hoping for some exciting news to share!

I’ve not been blogging as usual. I’ve been busy in negotiations! I hope to have some fabulous news to share with everyone next week and looking for suggestions! Until then have a great week! Fingers, toes, nose crossed and all!!

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Wishing you well!

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  Winter, cold, wet, and dreary, but full of wishes! I came down the street and found this magical tree full of wishes. What a wonderful idea! Imagine just writing down a wish and having it hung upon the limbs … Continue reading

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Seattle Lovers Black and White

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  I like stopping here for early morning coffee, but these two lovers had the same idea. So I just stepped back and let them enjoy the moment. This week’s Black and White Photograph. Seattle Lovers.

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Back and blogging next week

Exhausting to wake up to this view ! Just got back from the Bahamas and Key West Florida.

Sandals packed away.. Wellies back out…and hot tea in hand. Well being in paradise last only so long! Back to regular blogging next week!! 

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Two Old Friends

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Heading home from a quick shopping errand, the Blind Potter of El Tuito makes his way along in the shade. His dog at his side, two old friends.

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El Tuito Door

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This door worn, the paint faded in spots, led to an interior shop on the main street in El Tuito, Mexico. I loved the water-coloured effect age has played on this door.

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