Taking the Afternoon Off- blog break time

Susan Nolen's Photograph of the Marais Paris

What does one do on a blog break?

It’s a busy time right now. All good! I’ll have lots of things to tell you about when I get back. Lovely London bits, and the big move! Seattle to a farm in the wine country of Washington State! But in the meanwhile….it’s a flight, then boxes, and more boxes, and more boxes. Have I mentioned boxes?  Packing! It needs only one word to describe the horrors. But, it’s a great way to declutter.  I know I will have a horrible time with my books. My goal is for every three book boxes I pack…one box goes to charity or to a friend.  Hmmm the anxiety is setting in and I am only writing about it!  I’ll keep you posted as to how many boxes of books end up in a new home.

In between all this packing and moving, my editor has sent back the final edit of my novel, and it looks like a title change. I will blog about all of that in July! But June no matter how glorious you are! I will have my head stuck into boxes and will come up for air for Nespresso only! In the meanwhile, I hope you’ll look up some of the older posts to read on sunny warm days!  And as always if there is something you’d like me to write about, give me a shout until then…. Someone pass the packing tape please!

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Carnaby Street London England

Susan Sheldon Photopgrahp Carnaby Street London England

I stood close enough to get this shot, but not close enough to capture the conversation. A taxing situation for this writer! Lovers? Friends looking for directions, or? Endless possibilities in Carnaby Street, London, England!

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Wooden Door of Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta Photograph

I had to cross the street to get the entire Puerto Vallarta  door in the shot. You can walk by quickly and not notice the lovely Lion Hand Pulls. The carving on this doors is just fabulous. I have no idea what the lovely flowering plant is, so if anyone knows! I fell in love with the orangey red painted trim around the door. Just a lovely touch!

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London – A view from the river.

Susan Nolen's Photograph of St Paul London England

St Paul’s still stirs my heart. I was on the river desperately hoping it would not rain as the sky was dark and was that a funnel cloud to the left? Best get indoors for a cup of tea! This week’s black and white photograph. A view from the river Thames.

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Tales from the City–Mr. Post Man Please…

Susan Nolen's London Red Pillar Post Box PhotographOne of the things I marvel at is my life on both sides of the pond. There are so many little differences we  take for granted. For example, I was giving my dear friend my new address for the farm in Washington State, and she stopped me in my tracks with this question…what’s a ZIP code?

Oh sorry… Post code.

I do forget which side of the pond I am at times! But I have to confess I had no idea why in America we call it a ZIP Code, and why in the United Kingdom we have POST CODES.  Same thing…different words?  Those of you who know me, know that I wasn’t about to let this rest, so this is what I have discovered.

They are of course both numerical formulas to let the post office know where to deliver that letter. ( Do we still send letters in this age of multi media?) The post code was originally called the mail code, a very unglamorous name. So heads together, they came up with the snappy little moniker of  ZIP Code. The ZIP Code I was quite surprised only started up around 1963.  ZIP is a lovely little acronymn for ZONE IMPROVEMENT PLAN. An interesting choice, as it makes one wonder, was the plan ever implemented?  But it was chosen to persuade people that the post ( UK) mail ( USA) would travel at the speed of light if those numbers were added to the address. Hence it ZIPs along!  Forget to add it…and that urgent letter might end up in the slow lane around the world and back again.  They even came up with a Cheeky Chap to get people used to the idea of adding all those numbers at the end of an address!


Mr. Zip Image Courtesy of Wikipedia

Now in Great Britain we use numbers along with letters in our codes.   For example in the United States the ZIP code might be…123123  but in the UK the post code always start with letters followed by number,  for example ABC123 . All of this coding first started in London about 1857.

But call it a POST CODE or a ZIP CODE, it’s all the same at the end of the day, a way to speed up all that junk post!  We can’t have any of that go missing, can we?

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London Iron Railing

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I love wandering about London and finding places that still have the old Iron Railing. So much of it was taken down during the war. Here is a beautiful Iron Fence and window box for this week’s black and white … Continue reading

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100 Years of Mother’s Days- Happy Mother’s Day to all Mum’s

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I’ll confess, I’m just a little spoilt. In London, Mother’s Day or Mothering Sunday is on the fourth Sunday of Lent. It’s three weeks before Easter Sunday which usually falls in late March or early April, but in the Seattle, it’s … Continue reading

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